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About us:

Al of our tutors are native English speakers and were born and raised either in the U.S. or in Canada. We all have bachelor’s degrees or master's degrees.

We have been teaching English to both kids and adults.
We teach reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Learning materials:

1. Raz Kids: Website with hundreds of books for beginner and intermediate English Language learners, foreign and native.  Includes audio to practice pronunciation outside of scheduled lesson times and games for further enrichment.


2. Speak English Like an American:  A textbook for advanced learners that teaches conversational English and idioms.  It is a 25 part continuous story that features dialogue in an American household using many common phrases.


3. Speak Business English Like an American:  Much like Speak English Like an American this book focuses on everyday conversation and phrases, but changes the setting from an American household to and American professional workplace.  The language and phrases can be quite different here, and this will be a valuable resource for anyone trying to adapt to an English language workplace.

4. The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book, Second Edition:  Knowledge and understanding of phrasal verbs is vital to English comprehension; and this textbook explains, in detail, usage and grammar related to nearly all of them.  The book also includes written exercises with each of the 50 sections.   This is material for intermediate  to advanced English learners.


There are different learning levels. Students will be placed into an appropriate level after initial assessment and go from there.


Learning methods:

Option 1. Real time online interaction and practice.
Platform: WebEx online meeting system (Free to student). Can be used on smart phones, tablets and computers.
Students and a tutor are online at the same time in a WebEx online meeting room to learn the lessons. 

Option 2. Non real-time online interaction and practice
Platform: WhatsApp or WeChat
Before each lesson, we will send each student a recorded lesson. Students learn this lesson, then come to her WhatsApp to ask questions, talk about her understanding, practice with us, and finish the homework. We will listen and read your homework, comment on it, correct it and practice with you. This interactive learning is a continuous and non-real time process. We will respond to the student’s messages in a timely manner. In addition, the student can also talk about non-lesson related topic.


Unique Features:

1. Emphasize interaction. Our teaching doesn’t flow in one direction.  We learning new content together and encourage students to interact with us in practice.


2. Interact with the teacher. Most online learning services have you interact with a computer, but our lessons are different.  At Bao English you are interacting with native English speakers living in America.


3. Focus on daily dialogue. We focus on accurate use of common words, consistent with the setting of the dialogue.  Using small, common words accurately makes a better impression than using large or uncommon words clumsily.


4. Experience life. We focus on the daily life of Americans.  Our lessons take you into a common life in the United States, to better understand the culture and lifestyle of Americans.


5. Learn, discuss and experience the games Americans play, such as BINGO.

6. Encourage speaking.  Many people can read and write English and can even pass all their English exams, but they cannot hold a conversation!  You can learn to read and write from a book, but a language is not always spoken how it is written.  This is why our focus is improving speaking and conversation skills. 


7. Teach from sentence to word.  We do not teach long lists of vocabulary words, but instead begin with full sentences and work backwards.  We teach “I like apples” before “like” or “apple” individually.

Refer Friends And Receive Free Lessons

Do you know anyone who may be interested in English in lessons?  Refer them to us and upon purchase of a lesson package one tutor session will be credited to your account!  

Happy Moments

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