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Meet the teacher

Eric Shen

  • Inventor with multiple US patents

  • Computer Science as Major in University

  • 25 Years+ experience in IT industry

  • Principal Engineer in Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies in the world

  • Previous Teacher/Training Instructor experience

  • Level 2 Volunteer Clearance by Pinellas & Sarasota County Public Schools

  • Love and passionate about Computer Programming and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

2019 New School Year Announcement From Coach Eric 

Welcome Back! Our New Exciting Python Project will be your first Face Recognition project using AI technology and Python

Dear My Talented Students,

Warm Greetings from Coach Eric! Hope you all had a wonderful summer break and amazing trips if you traveled. 

I would like to Welcome you back to our Python and Robotics Programming Class! Our first class will start from 1pm EDT Sunday 8/18/2019 at Learning Center. (Please note, to simply time schedule on classes, we aligned both Saturday and Sunday Python/Robotics class to 1pm-2:30pm for this semester)

Since we have already covered 5 fundamental Python programming elements (Variables, Branches, Loops, Functions and Modules&more) in previous lessons and semesters, starting from this new chapter, I would like to invite you enjoy our NEW journey by exploring more exciting projects using AI and other advanced Robotics equipment and technologies.

Our first AI+Python project will be your first Face Recognition project, we will focus on this project to build it together. See one example shown below, that will do automatic Face Recognition for Mr. Bill Gates and Mr. Steve Jobs. At the end of project, your super-intelligent Face Recognition program you built in Python should be able to recognize, not only those faces of famous celebrities or people, but also can do same for your family members or friends :-)

Also, In this new semester, I would like to enforce more our Classroom Rules:
1. No WiFi or any video game in my class! I want every student focus on my lecture 100% when you are in my class!
2. Your personal cellular phone will be collected to a basket bin before class starts, they will be returned to you after class.
3. If you got a new laptop or your computer is changed, please ask your parents to have Python or other software installed (like your previous laptop) before coming to class, we really don't have time in classroom to help you install Python to your new laptop, that also waste other student time. Also, a friendly reminder, please always bring your power supply and cord for your laptop. As a courtesy, if you or your parents need help for new laptop, please contact me before or after class. Thank you!

Please don't get me wrong, the whole purpose to enforce those classroom rules is NOT to give anyone hard time, as your coach, I just want to help you to focus in the classroom, respect other students, and hope you can benefit 100% from the lecture/class we delivered. Your and your parents' understandings will be highly appreciated!

Your Coach/Mentor Eric

Learning progress and achievements

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our classroom! Here we will post pictures and videos as our class progresses. Your project may be next on our wall of fame!

12012018BaoAce Prgramming, Robotics & Fu
12012018BaoAce Prgramming, Robotics & Fu
12012018BaoAce Prgramming, Robotics & Fu
12012018BaoAce Prgramming, Robotics & Fu

Classroom achievements

BaoAce Programming, Robotics & Fun End of School Year Celebration

BaoAce Programming, Robotics & Fun End o
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