BaoAce Table Tennis Club

Member Fee:

$5/3H/person for Table Tennis only

$5/3H/person for Pool Game Only

$7.5/3H/person for Table Tennis + Pool Game

$15/month/person for Table Tennis only

$15/month/person for Pool Game only

$20/month/person for Table Tennis + Pool Game

$259/year/family for Table Tennis + Pool Game

Walk-ins welcome.


Private lessons: $40/hour/person

Group lessons: $15/hour/person

Please call 941-500-3982 to make an appointment at least 48 hours in advance.

Schedule for August 2019 - May 2020:

Friday: 6pm-9pm

Sunday: 2:30pm-7pm

Note: Special events/holidays may change the schedule of Ping Pong. Check this online calendar/schedule for specific days/events/holidays or Call  941.500.3982 ahead to confirm.

Private Table Tennis + Pool Game(Maximum 10 people):


Private Table Tennis + Pool Game Party(Maximum 40 people):



Sarasota Square Mall (Unit A37A, 8201 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34238, close to Costco/AMC Movie Theater and Victoria's Secret store)

Space:Near 4000 sq. ft inside of Sarasota Square

BaoAce Official Table Tennis Tournaments Winners and Players

Friday Night Chess and Board Game Club Before Table Tennis Club

BaoAce Table Tennis Club Official Tournament Rating and Ranking System

2nd draft 7/18/2019

1. Rating and Ranking

1.1 The BaoAce Table Tennis rating system estimates the playing strength of each player.

1.2 The BaoAce Table Tennis ranking system only produces an ordinal list of players ordered by playing strength. To produce rankings from ratings is to sort the players by rating.

2. Tournaments

2.1 Most of BaoAce Table Tennis Tournaments are either single-elimination or round robin groups with the winner of the group advancing to a single-elimination bracket.

2.2 Both members and non-members of BaoAce Table Tennis Club are eligible to enter BaoAce Table Tennis Tournaments.

2.3 Though BaoAce uses the rating system, not all matches in BaoAce tournaments are rated.

3. Rating Calculation

3.1 With unrated players, the Initial Rating is 200 points.

3.2 Player’s entering one BaoAce rated game gains 10 points.

3.3 Points are gained and lost according to the rating difference between the two players by the following chart. BaoAce adopts the USATT Rating chart.

Benefits of playing table tennis
1. Hand-eye coordination
2. Gentle with joints
3. Low risk of injury
4. Burns calories and it is a fun way to lose weight
5. Improve core muscles
6. Improves balance
7. Beneficial for older people
8. Good for brain
9. A great way to make friends
10. It teaches children how to win and lose
11. It keeps children focused