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Jay got his Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL Certification in September 2016. Congratulations Jay!

Hi everyone, my name is Jay.  I am a native English speaker in the United States.  I speak American English with a standard American accent.  I was born in the far Northwest US, but I now live in the Southeast US where I attended university.

At university I studied biology with an engineering minor.  I also wrote several articles for the school newspaper about prosthetics.  I now work for an architectural firm that designs hospitals.

In addition, I have been teaching English and leading an English conversation class for immigrants, foreign students and visiting researchers. My students come from places all across the world, including China! I’m also working with Learn Casual English with American Mom and Son as a teacher.  I love teaching English so much, and I am currently achieving my Teaching English as a Foreign Language or TEFL Certification and I will complete the program by June of 2016. 

In my spare time I like to garden, swim and talk to my friends on social media about books, cooking and our lives. They have all moved so far away!

I look forward to working with you all.  It is my hope that our time together will be both fun and engaging.

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Hello, my name is Kam. I was born and raised in a small town in the United States. I have spoken American English my whole life as it is my native language. I currently reside in the United States. In my free time I enjoy cooking, watching movies, reading and writing. 

I majored in Health Sciences in college and I earned my certification to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). My TEFL certification allows me to provide English language instruction for non-native speakers. I love teaching others about my native language and America’s diverse culture. 

Previously, I tutored elementary to high school age students in English as a Foreign language. I worked with my students in classroom and one-on-one settings, supporting and encouraging them throughout their language studies. It is my goal to help speakers of other languages achieve their English language goals. I know that learning a new language can be challenging, but having the right tools and support can make the experience a fun and exciting adventure. 

I am excited to work with "Learn Casual English with American Mom and Son" and help students unlock the opportunities that come with language proficiency. I look forward to meeting and supporting you on your English journey!

Hi everyone, my name is Spring. I was born and raised here in the United States, so I speak American(standard) English very fluently.


I am a fully trained and certified teacher by "Learn Casual English with American Mom and Son." I have been working here for about two years now. I have been teaching all levels and all age groups, from kids to adults. Many of my students are in school, have jobs, or also have families.  


I follow the lesson materials that we offer here. The students and I practice the lessons together. If there is anything they don't understand, I help them with that and explain it to them. Then the students will review the homework with me, and I will critique them on whatever they did right or wrong. In addition, I also offer free talking sessions with my students. We discuss anything and everything, like how school is going or what our weekend plans are; the fun things or bad things happening in their lives or my life lately. Having a discussion with the students will definitely help them learn some new words and phrases. It will also help to improve their speaking fluency. With this method, I have already helped many students become fluent in English.


Now, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I like to write. I was one of the editors of my school newspaper. I think writing is a nice way to show your creative mind. I like to make art, sing, and dance. I've been singing and dancing all my life. I was the photographer and event coordinator for my choir. I just like to hang out with my friends and listen to music. 


I am a very easygoing teacher. I like to make my lessons fun and I try to make them as exciting as possible.


I'm looking forward to teaching all of you and I know it's going to be a lot of fun. 

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Hello everyone!

My name is Jenny. I was born andraised in the United States in Florida, and am very fluent in American English.

I worked at my local library for a kid’s program, with the age ranging between three-year old’s and ten-year old’s. I loved doing the job because the kids were fun and would always come to hug me whenever I went into the room. Kids can be very hyper and creative, and I enjoy running around with them and making sure they have fun as they learn. I also help tutor friends and family for their English classes, ranging from elementary up to college level, critiquing their grammar and critical thinking skills.

In high school, I skipped ahead two years because I had great grades. In college, I have excelled in all my English classes with straight A’s, and I have even had my research paper used by professors as an example for other students in the college class. The paper was about two girls whose parents are Chinese immigrants to America, and their dilemma of choosing to accept the new American culture or retain their Chinese heritage. Because I had to research a lot for that paper, I immersed myself in the knowledge I learned and found a growing interest for Chinese culture.

To say a few words about my daily life,in my spare time I enjoy writing creative materials such as poems and short stories. I love to read, listen to music, and spend time with my family and friends. I also adore playing the violin.  I hold free concerts to retirement homes and even perform in parades. I also helped raise money for disasters such as Hurricane Irma and Harvey. I have even been in the newspaper three times thanks to the events I participated in!

I follow the materials offered by, "Learn Casual English with American Mom and Son," and will work to the best of my abilities to make sure you understand what you are studying, as well as reach your goal of speaking fluent English.

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