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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

BaoAce offers experienced math tutoring service for grade 1-12. Small group or one-on-one lessons. Online and Onsite(Sarasota)

Meet the teacher

April P.


April has worked in Telecommunication, Actuarial and Education fields. She is currently teaching Mathematics and LEGO Robotics & Programming both online and onsite.

Electrical Automation

Right after graduation from Shanghai Jiaotong University majoring in Electrical Automation, she worked as a Database Developer and Data Analyst for 5 years.

·     She developed database software to analyze telephony traffic reports using FoxPro, Excel and VBA.

·     She acted as a System Administrator for the Sybase Database System using SQL.

·     When a telecom company started to set up a province-wide telephony traffic network management system, she was the key member to design, set up, cable and configure 3COM Switches and Cisco IP Routers.

Actuarial Math and Math Tutor

She later studied Actuarial Math and worked in the actuarial field in the U.S. for 2 Fortune 500 Companies for 10 years. She has been tutoring math for 6 years.

·         Was Awarded the USRA by NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council).

·         Tutored high school, middle school and elementary school level mathematics. Taught AMC and MathCounts. Taught SAT Math part.

·         Experienced in working with both talented and struggling learners.

·         She is detail-oriented, self-motivated, very patient and energetic.

LEGO Robotics

In September 2019, she formed and started to coach a brand new LEGO robotics team at the BaoAce Learning Center in the Sarasota area. On the 1/18/2020 FLL competition among 16 counties, her team won the trophy and advanced/was invited to the regional championship.

In the 2020-2021 FLL season, team member Terry S. and coach April P. were part of a 6-member and 2-coach FLL team. Together as a team, they won the following FLL awards:

·     3/18/2021 the 1st place award in Lego Robotics Performance in the qualifier competition of West Florida Region (16 counties) 

·     4/25/2021 the Champion's title of the West Florida Region (16 counties). We won the Invitational Ticket to the International FLL Competitions.

·     5/23/2021 the Champion's title in the FLL state competition in the state of Florida.

·     6/20/2021 8th place in Robotics Performance in the 2021 International FLL Virtual Open Invitational competition.  We were ranked No. 2nd in Robotics Performance in the USA.  

·     6/27/2021 4th place Rising Stars Award in the FIRST®️ LEGO®️ LEAGUE Virtual Open International Greece.

SAT/PSAT Prep Lessons

The Khan Academy SAT learning process is the basis for the SAT prep that I offer. The lessons presented can be worked on without assistance (on your own) or by having a highly skilled math coach to assist with each lesson.


You will do the lessons, and as you want assistance, or need a greater level of understanding of the concepts presented, I will be there to make the lessons come alive for you.

I have the ability to make the concepts which are critical in doing well on the SAT clear and practical for my students. So, work on your own, or join me in mastering the lessons of the Math Section of the SAT.

When completing a practice test, you will gain so much more than just your performance, you will be guided based on what you answer correctly and incorrectly into great understanding and the best chance for overall improvement. I look forward to working with you to improve your SAT Math Composite score.

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Mathcounts & AMC8 Prep

Call 941-500-3982 or email for more details.

Mathematics for IB

Mathematics for IB SL.JPG

Price and Registration

Group study: 2-4 students.  $235/10 hours/ student or $30/1 hour/ student. Class schedule will be discussed with all students in the group. Once decided it will be fixed. No refund if no show. 
Private study: $450/10 hours/student or $55/1 hour/student. Class schedule will be discussed with the student and it is very flexible. Student can change, cancel or add class.  

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