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Why learn chess:

Why learn chess:

  1. Raises your IQ

  2. Improves your problem-solving skills

  3. Improves your memory

  4. Exercises both sides of your brain

  5. Increases your creativity

  6. Improves your concentration

  7. Improves your ability to think rationally

  8. Develops patience and thoughtfulness

Chess Pieces

BaoAce chess- Beginning level

Beginning level:

Learn basic chess rules, to play well, learn the strategies that would help you win consistently, a few hours of instruction and lots of guided practice will start you towards your goal. Some of the benefits of learning chess include problem-solving and memory enhancement, which will assist in improving IQ.

Black Chess Pieces

BaoAce chess- Intermediate level

Intermediate level:


The main goals will be strong opening move, a defensive or offensive attack style. This level of chess will exercise both sides of the brain, increase creativity and concentration. Classes will offer specific chess problems to solve, with feedback on move selection.

Abstract Chess

Meet the teacher

Doug Roberts

Doug has coached chess over the years as part of being a teacher in Sarasota County. His personal skill level is about 5, where level 1 is beginning, level 10 is Grand Master Champion.

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