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Baobao Solving Cubes

Lessons and Quizzes

About us:


Ace Cube Association ​is a Rubik's cube affinity group organized by BaoAce Learning Center. In this fun association game coaches will  show different Rubik's cubes to you and teach you how to solve them. 

We welcome everyone in the world to join!

Meeting Method:

Real time online interaction:
Zoom meeting room.

Onsite meeting: 

BaoAce Learning Center located in Sarasota Square Mall.

Become a Member:

Ace Cube Association is an onsite and online cubing group. Everyone from ages 0 to 999 that are interested in cubing may join. 

Member Activities:

Cubing related trivia questions will be posted here periodically and members can submit answers. The members who get the correct answers will be announced in one of Baobao's videos. 

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Baobao Solving A 3x3 Rubik’s Cube

Baobao Solving a Pyraminx

Baobao Solving a Megaminx

Ace Cube Association Presentations and Statistics 

Next meeting is at 7pm(EDT) on 9/23/2020. Be sure to bring a 3X3X3. 


8/20/2020 meeting

Presentation Topic: The history of Rubik's cubes

Presenter: Jesse P.

Ace Cube Association Presentation_082020
Ace Cube Association Statistics_08202020

8/27/2020 meeting

Presentation Topic: Gan Cubes

Presenter: Terry S.

Ace Cube Association Presentation_082720
Ace Cube Association Statistics_08272020

9/9/2020 meeting

Presentation Topic: Qiyi Cubes

Presenter: Miles B.

Ace Cube Association Presentation_090920
Ace Cube Association Statistics_09092020

9/16/2020 meeting

Presentation Topic: YJ

Presenter: Terry S.

Ace Cube Association Presentation_091620
Ace Cube Association Statistics_09162020

Official Tournament Rating and Ranking System

1st draft 8/18/2020

1. Rating

1.1 The Ace Cube Association rating system estimates the cubing score of each competitor.

1.2 The Ace Cube Association ranking system only produces an ordinal list of players ordered by cubing score. To produce rankings from ratings is to sort the players by rating.

2. Tournaments

2.1 Some of Ace Cube Association competitions are either single-elimination or round robin groups with the winner of the group advancing to a single-elimination bracket.

2.2 Competitors may join any time.

2.3 Though Ace Cube Association uses the rating system, not all tournaments in Ace Cube Association are rated.

3. Rating Calculation

3.1 With unrated competitors, the Initial Rating is 100 points.

3.2 Competitors’ entering one Ace Cube Association rated game gains 10 points.

3.3 Placing top 3 in any event will win the competitor 20 points.

3.4 Placing 1st in any event will win the competitor 40 points.

3.5 At the end of each competition, each competitor’s score will be added up. (e.g. winning 1st in 3x3x3 will give the competitor 10 points for participating, 20 points for placing top three, and 40 points for placing 1st. The grand total will be 70 points for that competition.)

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