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2018 Mid-autumn Festival interactions with China

To celebrate the Chinese traditional Mid-autumn Festival, students in the classroom of Sarasota, Florida have various activities, which provides plenty of opportunities to interact with the same-aged students in China. It's a good way for students to get access to the Chinese culture, as well as use the language naturally in a communicative environment.

  • Draw the mooncakes

Students are drawing the mooncake, which is a traditional and symbolic snack for the Mid-autumn Festival. 

  • Learning the language and culture

Students are learning the related Chinese words and expressions.

Students practice singing a Chines folk song towards the festival.

Students attempt to write the related Chinese characters.


Students learn and role-play the Chinese story “Hou Yi Shot Down the Suns”.

  • ​Culture comparisons 

Students greet with the children in China, and communicate about the similarities and differences between the Mid-autumn Festival in China and the Thanksgiving in the U.S.

Response from Master Kuang in China

Last time, one of our students asked the question “How to write the character Jie?”

Let’s see the response from Master Kuang in China.


  • Greeting from Yunnan, China

Students wearing the traditional Hanfu send their greetings to BaoAce.

Students perform the traditional fighting arts at the Golden Temple.

Students perform the Han-dancing “Chasing the Moon”.

Students perform the Yunnan Opera “Pipa Dong”.

Masters are waiting to perform on stage.

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