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Please come and join us for a series of fun filled Chinese lessons—

​Chinese Mid-autumn Festival celebration!


Mid-autumn Festival is a Chinese traditional festival which is originally to celebrate the harvest. Nowadays, the festival celebrates three closely-connected concepts: family gathering, thanksgiving for the harvest and praying for a good future.


In this session, students will work with the same-aged students from Golden Temple (Yunnan, China) online, to discuss and explore the history, traditions and cultures of Chinese Mid-autumn Festival. Students will have opportunities to ask about what they want to learn about the festival, as well as the cultural comparison and contract between Mid-autumn Festival in China and Thanksgiving in the U.S.


This is a small group lesson. Space is limited. RSVP is required.


Date and time: Friday and Saturday, September 21 and 22, by appointment.

Age: All ages

Level: Beginner and intermediate 

Address: Near Bee Ridge and I75, Sarasota. RSVP for details.

Fee: Free first session for new students. Cost is one session fee for returning students.

Phone: 1-727-238-7688



WeChat: colorful_dragon

WeChat Official Account: Meiguomuzi Language Learning Center (宝爱思语言学习中心)  and Golden Temple(Yunnan, China) established cooperative relationships in 2017. 

Click here for detailed information about the upcoming Mid-autumn Festival celebration

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