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Eric Shen

  • Inventor with multiple US patents

  • Computer Science as Major in University

  • 24 Years+ experience in IT industry

  • Principal Engineer in Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies in the world

  • Previous Teacher/Training Instructor experience

  • Level 2 Volunteer Clearance by Pinellas County Public Schools

  • Love and passionate about Computer Programming and STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math)

Doug Roberts 

Mr. Roberts has been a lifelong resident of Sarasota, having graduated from Riverview High School. In College, he was involved with computer programming, having worked at the Computing Center on campus. Since the mid 80’s, teaching BASIC, and Apple PASCAL in Sarasota County Schools. He has written code in machine language, Fortran, PASCAL, LOGO, Visual Basic, BASIC and C++. Later in the 90’s, he taught AP Computer Science, using Apple Pascal and later C++ and a math class using computers and BASIC programming.

Mr. Roberts worked as an Apple Certified Developer for 9 years, introducing LISA Spell List, an early spell check program, and assisted with the development of a Dental Office management package. This year he has been assisting with the Python Class offered here at Bao Ace.

He looks forward to working with young people, assisting them in gaining knowledge in logic, problem solving and controlling a computer to produce interesting output. We will be using Python as the language of choice for students to learn and use. Students who have some experience will be given opportunities to extend their skills, and beginners will use Python to learn how to control the output of a computer.

Learning progress and achievements

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our classroom! Here we will post pictures and videos as our class progresses. Your project may be next on our wall of fame!

Classroom achievements

BaoAce Programming, Robotics & Fun End of School Year Celebration