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Meet the coaches:

April  Tai Chi Coach

Tai Chi Coach April

Born and raised in a family of martial arts tradition in China, April started to study under her grandfather at the age of 5. Her grandfather, Master Huihuan Zhang, was famous for his superior skills of Chinese Kung Fu.  Master Zhang benefited from practicing Tai Chi in his senior years and lived long to age 102 last century. Tai Chi helped him in relaxing his body, gaining a stronger mind & body connection, staying healthy and achieving high levels of fitness. It benefited his body, mind & spirit especially at his older age. Up until the very end of his life he had no chronic health issues. This became a much-told tale by locals.  Immersed in this traditional environment, April was strongly interested in Tai Chi Chuan (traditional Chinese shadowboxing, also called Tai Ji Quan or 太极拳) and Tai Chi Sword(traditional Chinese Tai Chi sword-play, also called Tai Ji Jian or 太极剑)and was strictly trained by her grandfather.

Later, when April left home and studied in Shanghai Jiaotong University(上海交通大学), she continued her study through taking professional Tai Chi classes and for college credits. After graduation, she started to teach Tai Chi at her company and in community centers over 7 years, and was widely-loved by her hundreds of students. 

April is fluent in English and Chinese and has a deep passion for Tai Chi. She is willing to build caring relationships with students, she is friendly and approachable, she prepares and organizes her lesson very well, she listens to students’ needs, and adjust the lessons to meet them.


April offers the 24 simplified Tai Chi and Tai Chi on the Chair for beginners at Learning Center located in Sarasota Square Mall. Please come and join us in this warm and friendly environment to learn Tai Chi.

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 Tai Chi on the Chair

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BaoAce Tai Chi Schedule:

Tuesday: 9:00am-10:00am

Thursday: 9:00am-10:00am

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Fee: Big sale. Valid until April 28


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