About us:


Bao Cube Association ​is a Rubik's cube affinity group organized by BaoAce Learning Center. In this fun association game coaches will  show different Rubik's cubes to you and teach you how to solve them. 

 We welcome everyone in the world to join!

Meeting method

Real time online interaction
Onsite: BaoAce Learning Center located in Sarasota Square Mall.

Become a Member

Bao Cube Association is an onsite and online cubing group. Everyone from ages 0 to 999 that are interested in cubing may join. 

Member Activities

Cubing related trivia questions will be posted here periodically and members can submit answers. The members who get the correct answers will be announced in one of Baobao's videos. 

Want to join Bao Cube Association? Send us messages now!


Baobao Solving A 3x3 Rubik’s Cube

Baobao Solving a Pyraminx

Baobao Solving a Megaminx