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We offer Chinese Lessons! 

Learning Materials


 Meet The Teachers

About us:

We are native mandarin speakers and were born and raised in China. We all have bachelor’s degrees from Chinese or Canadian universities.

We have been teaching Chinese to both kids and adults.
We teach reading, writing, speaking, listening and Pinyin.


Learning materials:

1. Chinese Paradise Beginner

Students will go through the vocabulary words and simple grammatical structures based on the scenario in each lesson, and practice the language with interesting songs, authentic folks and attractive stories.

2. Learn Mandarin with Chinese Mom and Son. Students will follow a typical Chinese family and go deep into their daily lives. Students will learn about daily conversations, work place dialogues, school activities and Chinese culture. They will also learn about Chinese food, history, folklore, games and festivals. This Chinese family will also go on vacation to teach you about traveling in China.  

3. Growing Up Chinese. This video series has one hundred episodes, The series´ aim is to use dramatic skits to three hundred of the most commonly spoken Chinese phrases.

4. Peppa Pig in Mandarin. Students can learn the basic Mandarin with Peppa Pig and through guided study with our tutors.

5. 马立平中文教材

Students with some backgrounds of Chinese language and culture will continue to explore their learning with this series of textbooks. With the instruction from teachers, students will get access to frequently-used Chinese characters, as well as cultures and classical literatures.

6. 中国义务教育课程标准实验教科书《语文》.人民教育出版社

7. Business Chinese. This will help students  develop their competence in advanced Chinese in a business context.

Learning methods:


Option 1. Face to face tutoring in Sarasota county, FL. BaoAce classroom is located in Sarasota Square Mall.

Option 2. Real time online interaction and practice.
Platform: ZOOM online meeting system (Free to student). Can be used on smart phones, tablets and computers.
Students and a tutor are online at the same time in a WebEx online meeting room to learn the lessons. 


There are different learning levels. Students will be placed into an appropriate level after initial assessment and go from there.

Red Lantern
Chinese Tea Ceremony
Chinese Temple
Red Doors
Chinese Warrior Statues

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