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BaoAce Vocal lessons:

BaoAce is now providing vocal lessons! We offer one on one and group lessons provided by a professional vocal trainer. Singers of all ages and skill level are welcome to join us as we expand our educational parameter to the preforming arts!

Meet our teacher Amanda:

Hello everyone, my name is Amanda! I graduated in 1992 from Beijing Normal University, previously known as Beijing Teachers College, where I majored in music education. From 1993 to 2000, during my stay in the Guangxi province, I performed as a solo vocalist and hosted many events.


From 2004 to 2016, I was a music educator at a gifted high school.  The students that I trained there have since pursued careers as educators and professional artists. I have had many successful students that are very involved in the musical community. I would love to see you grow into a successful musician with multiple career opportunities like many of my previous students.

In 2016 I moved to the United States. I performed at the Suncoast Association of Chinese Americans two years in a row for the spring festival. I was invited back due to the popularity of my performance.  I hope to teach more people about vocal skills and techniques that I have perfected through my many years of experience.

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BaoAce Dance lessons:

BaoAce Dance lessons:

BaoAce Dance lessons:

Meet our dance teacher: Zhen Zhen

Meet our dance teacher: Zhen Zhen

Zhen Zhen is a professionally trained dancer! She was also coached by a famous ballet dancer, Chengjun Deng.

Through patience, perseverance, and determination she has perfected her art as a dancer and instructor!  She has performed professionally on countless occasions.


Many companies have requested her coaching, and she has toured with dance groups she formed herself. Currently she is the coach of a dancing team here in the United States. 

Her hard work and focus has led her to master many different styles of the art. Her beauty and talent have no limitations. Zhen Zhen is very eager to pass on her knowledge to new students!​

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BaoAce 旗袍走秀 Qi Pao Catwalk

旗袍走秀老师: 王闻香

王闻香,美籍华人,中华文化促进会主持人专业委员会委员。世界三大选美赛事世界丽人大赛中国区亚军,全球华人旗袍总会佛州分会会长,佛州坦帕旗袍队队长。曾主持“亲情中华” “2018“文化中国·四海同春“大型慰侨文艺晚会,以及美国当地华人春节联欢晚会和国内大型文艺晚会,2018年武汉侨联及武汉广播电视台中秋文艺晚会。同名电影电视剧《穿旗袍的女人》入围演员、形象大使,第十五届中国武汉国际赛马节“帽″美如花秀最佳气质奖。

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