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Bao Ace Learning Center 2019 Fall After School Tutoring Lessons

We offer the following lessons Monday-Friday, after school till 6:30pm.

Math | SAT Prep Lessons | Chinese | AP Chinese | Programming, Robotics & Fun | Rubik's Cube | Chess | Pool Game | Table Tennis | Public Speaking | Social Etiquette

If you are interested, please call us at 941-500-3982.


Starting from August 2019. Pine View School will add a school bus stop at BaoAce Learning Center.


If you are from other schools, please let us know. We will send a shuttle bus to pick up your kids.

School Bus.JPG

Bao Ace Learning Center 2019 Fall Learning Program Schedule



16:30-18:00: LEGO Robotics and Programming


10:00-11:00: Adult Tai Chi Lesson

16:30-18:00: LEGO Robotics and Programming, ages 9-14

16:30-18:00: Public Speaking, Social Etiquette


10:00-12:00 noon: Adult Art Lesson

16:30-18:00: Chinese 




16:15-18:30:  After School Tutoring: Chinese, Math and Spanish

16:00-19:00:  Board Game Club(Chess group Lesson, Mahjong, Bridge, etc.)

18:00-21:00:  Table Tennis Lesson 

18:00-21:00:  Table Tennis Lesson Club Open

18:00-21:00:  Friday Night Activities


10:00-21:00: Your birthday parties

13:00-14:30:  Programming, Robotics & Fun

14:30-16:30:  Art Lesson 

16:00-17:30:  Kids Chinese


12:15-13:00:  Rubik's Cube Lesson

13:00-14:30:  Programming, Robotics & Fun

14:30-16:00: Pool Game Lesson

14:30-17:30:  Table Tennis Lesson 

14:30-17:30:  Table Tennis Lesson Club Open

16:30-18:00:  kids Chinese

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